What Houston Plumbing Services We Offer

Faucet Repairs/Replacement

Is your shower faucet leaking, your outdoor faucet needs replacing, or kitchen faucet in need of repair? Schedule a plumbing service with Dotson Ed Plumbing today.

Water Leak Repairs

Dotson Ed Plumbing can repair water leaks happening inside your kitchen sink cabinet, under the trap beneath the sink water-supply lines, and connections under the kitchen sink. We also repair worn-out water hoses in your washing machines.

Whole House Repipes

Dotson Ed Plumbing can perform whole-house repipes as well as smaller ones, and will consult with you beforehand to determine how much repiping is actually necessary.

Gas Test

We test for gas leaks by applying a gauge to test the pressure of the system and then monitoring it.

Gas Leak Repairs

If a leak is determined to exist the plumber will attempt to locate the leak(s) and make the correct repairs. If too many leaks are found in a line it may prove more prudent to replace the line as opposed to repairing it. Leak locating and repairs are performed on a “time and material” basis.

Drain Repairs

It’s pretty tempting to ignore a slow-moving drain and continue your daily routine. After all, it’s just a minor inconvenience, right? It may seem so initially, but a clogged drain can cause bigger—more expensive—consequences. The cause of your slow drain could be a clog, or grease buildup that’s narrowing your pipes, or a few other common problems. Dotson Ed plumbing can help you find the root of your obstruction and get it repaired before you end up with leaking—or worse, broken—pipes and water-damaged living space.

Drain Reroutes

Tub Installation

Commode Installation

Shower (Pan) Installation

Water Heater Installation

Whether you need a water heater repair in the Houston area or you’ve realized it’s time for a new water heater installation, Dotson Ed can get the job done.

Unstop All Drains

Dotson Ed plumbing Service can clear out any and all stopped up drains in your home no matter what it is.

Unclog AC Stoppages

Annual Gas Testing (If Needed)

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