A plumber, provided they are worth their salt, is never without work. Why is that? Because plumbing issues are a constant reality even for the most well-equipped homes. Keeping your pipes intact and well maintained is something many people forget they need to do because of how well the plumbing system is designed. However, even the most well-designed systems need maintenance. Here’s are 3 common issues that crop up in almost every home that signal it’s time to call a reliable plumber.

1 – Drains that Back Up

Perhaps the most common issue that makes itself known every morning is when a drain is partially clogged and stops the sink from draining out entirely. The problem can easily be fixed by pouring one of the many chemical solutions designed for this problem down the drain. In most cases, this is good enough. However, if the problem keeps reoccurring it may be time to call a plumber. This means that there’s an issue deeper into the drain system that is causing the problem to reoccur.

2 – Dripping Faucets

A dripping faucet is a comedic element in many older shows where a person is trying to enjoy some peace and quiet but are driven mad by the constant dripping. In reality, a dripping faucet is annoying for other reasons. The most important one is that a single dripping faucet can increase your water bill as well as waste many gallons of water per year depending on how bad the drip is.

A drip typically means there is some malfunction or leakage in the valve that ordinarily should shut off the flow through the faucet.

3 – Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are, like dripping faucets, what seems to be a nuisance but can lead to a greater issue down the road. While a dripping faucet will waste your valuable dollars as well as waste precious water, a leaky pipe can do much more damage than that.

Dampness is never a good thing in a home to have. Dampness invites all manner of germs and mold to develop. Pipe joints are the most common spots for leaks to occur. A common stopgap is for the homeowner or resident to tape up the joint so that the water doesn’t leak out or not nearly as much. However, water is not something easily contained, and it is only a matter of time before the adhesive on the tape loosens due to the constant exposure to water and the leak returns.

A leaky pipe can be caused by a multitude of factors such as clogs, pipe joint damage, water pressure issues, cracks, or pipe corrosion.

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